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Latest news and updates at EHLE.


Hours do not strike...


... for a happy man.

Okay, even just for decoration, our stylish wall clock is a good choice. But you'll never again miss your perfect 04:20 moment ... or the sunday evening murder mistery ... or your rendez - vous ... supper ... the confession, or what ever might be important for you.


Days are grey ... is PINK!

Find your new one hit bowl at our category colour & more, and we will keep on playing around and see what else is in our paintbox!


Christmas Time ...


... time to send a gift. Whenever you wish to make someone happy with a nice something from our shop: We love to wrap it for you and ship it without any documents to the addressee. (For several addresses in one order and destinations abroad, please talk to us before).

Just select your item, put it into the cart and click the option "make a gift".

Have fun giving pleasure,

your EHLE.-Team


Bad Hair Day ...

... was yesterday. Hair dryer broken? Throw it away. Motorbike helmet off and a ruined hair style? Don't worry. Cold head? Ignore it. Wind force eight? Just laugh. Or are you just in the mood for a new base cap?

EHLE. proudly presents: The EHLE.cap, optionally in stone grey with a black embroidered logo or  a colourful black on black.


 Just have a look at fan art and get one!


Roll your cigarette...

... with our new, branded papers! You can choose between two variants: papers and tips, or just papers for the use with our


May we ...


... show you our new grinders?

Available in three sizes. Apart from their excellent quality, we think they're rather beautiful, and we love them very much :-) For certain information and sizes, please click the pic.


smoking habits

Some of you  like it, some don't. Sometimes it's placed rear, sometimes at the left or right, and others even love it ahead.

We're talking about the carb hole.

Whatever you may prefer: Every single bong is made here and by hand, and just the way you like it. Leave us a comment when ordering!

And the best of all: A carb hole doesn't cost a cent.


Our modification...


… has been completed. Our complete shisha range has been moved into a brand new, separate shop.  There you will find lots of new things – much more than our popular molasse catchers and hose adapters.

Fanfare and drum rolls! EHLE. proudly presents:
SOL and LUNA, our own all glass shishas.



Of course, you will find lots of accessories, coloured charcoal plates, fancy stems, hoses, char coal and … well, just come in and look around!

Have fun browsing!


There's something going on ...


... at EHLE.'s.

We'll only say this much:
- there will be a new product range and
- there will be another online shop.

Currently, we're working at high pressure on the final finish of our designs,  on the last details in order to answer all technical requests and, of course, on our brand new website with the aim of presenting our goods in an appealing way.

Stay tuned ;-)





Dear friends,


a turbulent year draws to a close. A year of activity and hard work, but also a year full of inspriation and new ideas. We were allowed to met nice folks, to discuss and talk shop, to satisfy wishes and yes, to get stick, too. We are thankful for all of that.

Now, calm will return. We’re looking forward to spending time with our families and friends, to hibernating for a while or doing nothing, bevor we meet again at january 2nd.

We wish you a peaceful Christmas time! Enjoy the days, slow down, relax or celebrate cheerfully, however you like. Have a good start into the new year, which may be full of joy and good luck.

We’re looking forward to meeting you in 2017 resp. hearing / reading from each other!

Best wishes, your

and team

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