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My father was a glassblower, like generations of Ehles before. In 1949, he moved from Thuringen to Limburg, with a pocket full of money and his mind full of ideas, where he founded the company „Günther Ehle Glasinstrumenten-fabrik“. In my parent’s company I infected myself with the glass virus, and this passion has remained strong until today. I learned how to be a glassblower, and in 1993, I became a master of glassapparatus engineering.

Unfortunately, my father died too early. From 1988, I run the company myself. At this time I launched my first series of high quality waterpipes. Nowadays, our products meet with a world wide recognition. EHLE. glass waterpipes have become popular collector’s items in a consistent quality, both in functionality and design.

We worked as two of us for many years. During these years, our friendship with the company „Burdich Laborbedarf GmbH“ grew up and became strong. We worked door to door and used to help each other – so it was only one more step to “marry each other”. This merger in the beginning of 2015 breathed new wind into the company and generated lots of new ideas.

Today, I collaborate with a team of experienced glassblowers and enthusiastic trainees. A powerful sales team makes things run smoothly and has got a friendly ear for everyone of you. Each and everyone of us loves to make your wishes come true – as you hopefully will love your new EHLE.